Sunday, January 29, 2012

Reflections of Granite Lake

Granite Lake in the Powell River back country is a favourite destination for a quad ride. Our last trip was in October when the sun was brighter and the leaves were turning,

There's an island in the middle of the lake. It looks like a beautiful spot to take a kayak or canoe. As we sat on the shore, our good friend John told us this story.

Hey Wayne and Margy, see that island? One time Eldon and I rode our quads out there. It's a beautiful island to explore. Can you figure out how we did it?
Wayne and I tried to figure it out. My guess was that they got a running start and the air in the tires on their quads gave them enough flotation. (OK, that was an airhead answer). Wayne thought maybe they had a raft stashed somewhere along the shore. That was more reasonable. People have made rafts for similar purposes on other lakes. We never did come up with the answer until John told us. Can you? -- Margy

p.s. Here's a hint.


  1. What an absolutely gorgeous reflection photo.

  2. Aren't John and his brothers and friends in the habit of building bridges when necessary?
    Maybe I should check out your hint.
    Okay, now I'm guessing they went in winter when the lake was frozen.
    Do tell.
    PS—How is Bro? For some reason, I worry about that dog.

  3. Thanks Crafty Gardener.

    Kay - You got it right away. We were fresh out of Los Angeles then and couldn't figure it out. John must have thought we were sun greenhorns. Bro is doing fine. Still loving his rides on the quad in the bush and walks in the forest.


  4. Breathtakingly beautiful! If I was there I wouldn't want to ever leave.

  5. GORGEOUS!!!
    (I didn't get it right, but I remember the answer post from when you posted it!)

  6. Thanks everyone for stopping by my Weekend Reflection post. And Kay wins the prize! All you have to do Kay is stop by the cabin and it is waiting for you. - Margy

  7. I missed this (being away for a few days) - great shots of a lovely spot!

  8. Wow, beautiful view!

  9. Those reflection photos are gorgeous - perfect for framing or painting!


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