Friday, May 30, 2008

Canada Geese and Gosling

In March I told you about the return of Canada Geese to Hole in the Wall on Powell Lake. After much in and out traffic it settled down to two nesting pairs. Yesterday we were excited to see one of the pairs pass by the cabin with a single gosling.

A female will lay from 2-8 eggs with the incubation period from 25-30 days. I'm not sure why only one gosling survived in this clutch. The Hole is pretty quiet this time of year, but maybe predators got to the nest. We do have raccoons in the area.

The pair and their baby paddled along our booms calling all the way. They munched on a few of our logs and stumps, but fortunately passed the garden by. Do you have geese in your area? How are they doing? Here's an interesting site I found about the growth of a gosling. -- Margy


  1. When I lived on the mainland in Burnaby we were inindated with them....Burnaby seemed to be there hang that I am on the Island I see them flying over head often and often I will see them in town...elegant birds but noisy...

  2. The geese are doing quite well here in the Kootenays... I was also concerned about the one gosling here and the mother was very protective on the one. I have a link here Canada goose and gosling but after some walks later in the weeks I saw the population definitely improve and many more have exploded!! Happy to see that. Many More Geese!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Rocky Mountain Retreat

  3. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Hi Margy, I looked at the site about the goslings it was very informative. I have Canada Geese too on My Lake no babies yet.
    Your little gosling is so sweet.


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