Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Texada Island Tour

We discovered Texada Island as a flying destination in the 1980s. Almost every year, we would pack up our Piper Arrow 997 and head for British Columbia for a summer of fun and sun. Texada Island has a campground right on the airport just for pilots. Now, Texada Island is part of our ocean view from the condo in town. Recently I went of a flying photo tour for a local magazine, Powell River Living.

Texada is known for its natural resources. Here is what remains of an old iron mine. I see beauty in the winding roads and concentric rings heading down into the earth.

Here is the village of Gillies Bay looking over the Strait of Georgia to the snow capped Coastal Range.
Shelter Point is a great day or camping destination if you visit Texada Island.
On the July 12-13 weekend, Van Anda, a now quiet but former mining boom town on Texada Island, will be having a special Heritage Society sponsored Van Anda Days. Included will be a Texada Island (Gillies Bay) Airport Fly-in on Sunday, July 13, with your's truly, my husband Wayne, giving slide presentations about his new book Up the Airway.

Thanks for looking at my Texada Island pictures. -- Margy


  1. My mouth is still opened... :) I love landscapes like those. What a beautiful place to spend some time doing nothing but enjoying the view!
    Kisses from Nydia.

  2. Anonymous10:28 AM

    I hope you have lots of fun at the fly in. I know when I cooked for them at the Bellingham Airport it was a blast.(in 1961-62)

  3. Thank you Nydia and Betty for visiting my T is for Texada Island post. - Margy


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