Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Swallow Update

Right now we are surrounded by swallows. Each spring they arrive in the Hole to make their nests and raise their young. In the morning we are treated to aerial displays of acrobatic antics. Bugs are flying in the cool air, so the swallows are busy chasing them just above the lake surface. Occasionally, we will see a swallow dip into the water to make a catch, leaving a ring to ripple out after their passing.

Tree Swallows are starting to make birdhouse selections. We have five to choose from, but this year the garden float birdhouse seems to be the most popular. Mom is moving in while Dad stands watch. This morning, one of the swallows perched on our swim ladder. He was so docile that he let me get within two feet before flying back to his garden float home. I just love to hear their high pitched twitters while I have my morning coffee on the deck. Want to see inside a Tree Swallow nestbox? Click here.

In addition to the Tree Swallows, the Barn Swallows have returned. One pair is trying to build a nest at the peak of the cabin roof under our eaves. Last year two swallows worked for a week in the same location, only to have their nest fall from the precarious spot. I hope this year's attempt is more successful. Barn Swallows are easy to distinguish from the Tree Swallows. They have a reddish breast and long forked tails.

I'll keep you posted. We hope to hear and see some hatchlings by next month if all goes well. If you can't wait, here are some shots from last year's brood. -- Margy


  1. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Your little birds are so cute.
    Did you paint the bird house ?
    Barn swallows make such a mess but they are fun to watch. They work so hard to make their home.

  2. Hi Betty - I am so glad you are back home in the land of green and moisture. I know the Barn Swallows are messy. The first year they built their nest under our porch roof and I was always cleaning up the mess. This nest if over the porch roof so we will need to clean that up once they are done. We plan to paint the roof anyway. I did not paint the birdhouses. They came that way from Walmart, but our friend John did have to build some mounting brackets. -- Margy


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