Saturday, May 03, 2008

Time to Spare

Time slows for us when we are at our float cabin. This morning we heard an interview on CBC Radio with an author about a book called Slow is Beautiful. The premise is simple, we need to slow down and take time to appreciate life. It is even a trendy "movement" as described in this Seattle Times article. My comment back was, "Get a float cabin." Living away from town, TV and especially the Internet gives you the time (and the incentive) to slow down. Just take a look.

"Hey Wayne, let's just rest a few minutes here in the sun. Anyway, isn't it nap time?"

"Hey Wayne, it's a long way to haul this sofa to shore. Besides, it's break time."

See what I mean? All kidding aside, it's good to take time to smell the roses and connect with your inner self.

If this is your first visit to my blog, go to the Float Cabin Living section to see what off-the-grid cabin life is like. For my frequent readers, Wayne and I will be heading back up to the cabin this afternoon for some well deserved "time" together in the place we love. I don't know when we'll be back. We aren't on a "time" schedule. So, until then, have a great weekend and beyond. Hope we all get some much needed sunshine!! -- Margy


  1. Haha.. If only my boss would let me do likewise at work! Have a great weekend

  2. Anonymous2:17 AM

    I guess I have to buy that book Slow is Beautiful. Slowing down is an incentive nowadays I believe.

  3. Anonymous5:38 PM

    They look so's as if they are sitting on a soaf in a regular room. Those logs aren't going to move right?

  4. Anonymous7:04 PM

    How true of the contents in the book. "slow down and take time to appreciate life". Sometimes slowing down and looking at things in different perspective brings out a brand new feel to even the simplest things :)
    Have a good weekend!

  5. is it binding time or buying time?
    good times with pals are indeed relaxing.
    c",) Morning Sniffles


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