Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Float Cabin Living - The Series

Last night Wayne and I had dinner with his University of Buffalo roommate and his wife Pat. While we were catching up on about forty years of life, the discussion turned to our Canadian home in a cabin on Powell Lake. Many of their questions paralled those we receive from others about float cabin living.

  1. Does the cabin move around the lake?
  2. What happens during storms?
  3. Do you have power?
  4. Do you have a telephone?
  5. Do you have a television?
  6. Do you get the Internet?
  7. How can you live in such a small space
  8. What do you DO with all your time?
They didn't ask about the bathroom, but I'm sure they were thinking about it. Most people do. I have a section in this blog about float cabin living, so I think maybe it would be good to answer some of these questions. I won't try to do it all at once, so keep watching. Most of the answers would apply to living or staying in any remote cabin, but a few are unique to the floating variety. If you can't wait, you can read more in my posts labeled Float Cabin Living. You can also visit the Powell River Books website at www.PowellRiverBooks.com/4774.html.

As for our visit, it was great fun. It was good to meet someone from Wayne's "wild and crazy" past. Hopefully Al and Pat can visit us someday at our float cabin on Powell Lake and get their questions answered first hand. Now that would be wild and crazy, eh? -- Margy

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