Friday, April 27, 2007

Float Cabin Living – Digital Weather Station

As I’ve mentioned, we love watching the transition of seasons at our float cabin (Weather Watch). Since weather is an integral part of our daily life, it was natural for us to want to know more.

The first thing we purchased was an inexpensive portable radio that includes weather channel frequencies. We got ours at The Source, but they have them in many stores. From our cabin, we can hear the Pacific Weather Centre of Environment Canada broadcast from Texada Island. The weather we have fifteen miles inland varies somewhat, but it gives us a good idea about frontal passage and expected winds. When we hear the reports for Grief Point (in Powell River) and Sentry Shoal (a buoy south of Savary Island), we pretty much know what is coming.

Next came a digital thermometer. Our friend David gave us our first wireless weather station by Acu-Rite. You can purchase them at Walmart or other places that sell thermometers. In addition to temperature, it had a digital barometer and humidity gauge (hygrometer). A handheld anemometer gave us wind information, but you had stand out in the gale to get a reading. (Oops, there goes Wayne off the deck. Just kidding!).

Now we have upgraded to an Oregon Scientific Complete Wireless Weather Station. The outside probes have solar powered rechargeable batteries. They include a rain gauge, thermometer, hygrometer and anemometer to measure the wind speed and direction. There are also gauges for barometric pressure, indoor temperature and humidity. The backlight is easy to turn on with a touch of the screen, thus saving batteries when electrical power is off. The LED screen is bright and easy to read. The memory feature is nice. When we return to the cabin from a trip to town (or back from the US), we can see what we missed.

Whether you start small like we did, or graduate to a professional station, watching the weather is fun. -- "Weatherman" Margy

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