Sunday, May 06, 2007

Float Cabin Living - Cabin Raising

How Can You Live in Such a Small Space?

Part 2 - Cabin Raising

Wayne and I both grew up in the city. Our lives were focused on becoming specialists, an elementary teacher for me and aviation for Wayne. Schools didn't emphasize craft or trade classes, especially for the college bound. In fact, they were starting to phase them out completely. Our working parents spent much of their time away from home. There just weren't many opportunities for us to learn the skills of self-reliance in a generalist sort of way.

One of the things we loved immediately about Powell River was its different sense of purpose and people's self-reliance, people like John. He took all the craft and trade classes. He learned construction and mechanical skills working with his father and brothers. There isn't anything John can't do, or won't try. His education and life led him to be a generalist extraordinaire and accomplished entrepreneur.

After John completed the cedar log float ( see Float Construction), he started building the cabin. He designed it and completed the construction mostly on his own. For particulary heavy or difficult tasks, his brothers and father provided some assistance. Cabin construction was done next to John's cabin (called Number 1). On one of our rafters you can see size specifications written in permanent marker. That led us to ask John about blueprints. His answer was simple, there weren't any. He designed it in his head and built it as he went. Now that is talent! And his attention to detail is amazing. We couldn't have asked for a better cabin.

Tomorrow see how a small space can provide big living. -- Margy

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