Monday, February 09, 2015

Logging Leftovers

Rusted frying pan at Steam Donkey No. 1
When logging is done, some things aren't worth enough to remove from the bush. Some are too massive like Steam Donkey No. 1 that I shared a few weeks ago. Some are too small or worn out. Here are a few recent examples of treasures the bush has revealed.

The first three pictures are items left near Steam Donkey No. 1 up Museum Main from Chippewa Bay on Powell Lake. They came from a small cabin next to the donkey that the operator probably used to get out of the rain or snow.

Mismatched cooking pot with lid at Steam Donkey No. 1
In the early 1900s loggers lived in camps right next to their logging shows, he might have even lived in the cabin rather than across the way where the main camp was built.

Rusted out wash basin at Steam Donkey No. 1
There were also logging and shake block camps at the head of Powell Lake. The last of the logging camp was buried several years ago, but you can still find a shake block camp hidden in the bush along the lake shore if you know where to look and the water level is low.

Rusted shackle at the Head.
We found this massive shackle on our last trip to the Head. It's rusted and no longer in service, just left in the dirt next to the barge ramp. Maybe today's discard will become tomorrow's relic.

For more stories about riding in the Powell River backcountry, there's Up the Main and Farther Up the Main. Both are available in Kindle, e-book and print formats. -- Margy


  1. How intriguing, like the sled I found!!!!

  2. I love those found items, and would be planting them up in my garden

    1. I thought about taking them, but decided it was bet to leave them for others to enjoy. - Margy

  3. Love these unique finds, so beautifully rusted.

  4. Thanks!

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