Sunday, February 22, 2015

Circumnavitating Goat Island by Boat

This week was beautiful, sunny and warm. Well, relatively so. Daytime highs reached 12 degrees Celsius (54 F).

That's a huge difference from the deep freeze back east.

Wayne and I took a ride around Goat Island that rises from the middle of Powell Lake.

Here are a few shots from our trip.

Goat Island on the left and the entrance to Goat River straight ahead.

Rainbow Falls across from the north side of Goat Island.

Looking towards Second Narrows with Goat Island on the left.

The lake was so calm there were amazing reflections all the way from our float cabin home in Hole in the Wall back to the south end of Goat.

Hardly any snow! The pointed peak in the middle is Beartooth.

The only sad thing was the lack of snow in the high country. It's going to be a very dry summer, with low lake and river levels if we don't get more than the average amount of summer rain. -- Margy


  1. Gorgeous reflections. You are having wonderful weather out there, but the lack of snow cover will give some problems in the summer.

  2. Looks like summer out there!

  3. It doesn't get any prettier than that. It was so nice yesterday we managed to clean out the garage to fit our new kayaks in in just sweatshirts. A friend of mine mowed their lawn for the first time this year - a bit too early for that for me though. I do so tons of weeds sprouting - I better get on that.

  4. Beautiful photos

  5. WE were warm too! Just 0 C.!!!!

  6. 54 degrees would feel like summer right about now !

  7. Oh my!! Sheer beauty, Margy. I love these nice Spring-like days but to note that there is no snow to speak of on the hills and in the mountains. No watershed for summer.

  8. I am so tempted to get the kayaks out, the weather is so beautiful and the water so calm.


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