Monday, February 16, 2015

Changing the Honda 15 Leg Oil

Wayne has a background in aircraft maintenance. He was in the California Air National Guard and was responsible for managing the maintenance of a fleet of C-130 aircraft. In that capacity, he kept extensive records for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.

That has translated into maintenance schedules and records for all of our boats, motors, cabin batteries, generators, chainsaw; I think you get the idea. But it's a good thing, not a bad one.

The records showed it was time to change the leg gear case oil in the Honda 15 motor on our tin boat. Last time John took care it while the boat was out of the water for other repairs. This time the boat was in the water up at the cabin. Not so easy, but where there's a will, there's a way.

To get the motor in a vertical position to drain the leg oil, we pulled it up onto the dock where it's normally stored. We used a firewood log as a roller to reduce the friction and get father up onto the dock and higher in the air. The end result looks simple, but it took the two of us several tries to find the one that worked.

Wayne put a margarine tub under the bottom of the leg and opened the hole plug to let the old oil drain out.

Then he used a hand pump to replace the oil with new. Easy peasy, well not so much. But we learned a nice trick, so next time will be much easier. -- Margy


  1. Maybe easy peasy for someone with experience like your Wayne. Thanks for sharing your world. Have a happy week!

    1. It has taken us a long time to learn even the basics. Our friend John has been a great teacher. - Margy

  2. Good on you

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  3. I had no idea that this needed to be done.


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