Thursday, May 16, 2013

Stick Tail's Long Journey

What an exhausting trip. Early in the morning, we left the Bellingham condo where I've lived for six and a half years with my dear lady friend Louise. Wayne and Margy explained I'm going to live with them from now on, mostly at their float cabin up Powell Lake.

Louise and I've made the trip by car and BC Ferries many times for vacation visits. This trip it's just the three of us. When we arrived in Powell River, it was raining and windy, so Wayne and Margy decided to stop at the condo in town. A nice overnight rest stop for all of us.

The next leg of the trip came the following morning. I had to ride in my carrier. Margy explained dogs frequent the boat docks. It was all a bit fuzzy in my memory, but once Wayne cranked the boat engine it came back in a rush. Margy held my carrier in her lap and opened the corner so I could look out.  She was right, it was less scary down in the bottom.

Wayne carried me into the cabin. Once Margy had my food bar and litter box set up, I got out. It was just as I had remembered from the last time Louise and I came for visit two and a half years ago. I'm always thirsty after a long ride, so I went right to the food bar. Margy was amazed I remembered so well. What did she expect?

The litter box is in the new bathroom right next to their compost toilet. I've heard some humans say they're almost the same. At least you don't have to crank mine when your done with your business. I impressed Wayne and Margy so much they let me outside on the first day. I always check out the flowers first.

Then I walked counter-clockwise around the cabin. That's the way I used to follow Louise. At the back, I jumped down to the lower deck to look underneath the float. Margy suggested I keep that for another day. My old legs wouldn't let me jump back up again, so Margy showed me an easier route back to the front. I'll remember that for next time. After all, I'm a smart kitty. -- Stick Tail


  1. Stick Tail will likely love living in your home - so much fresh air and neat smells and creatures to watch. Did you have a difficult time bringing him across the border?

  2. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Hi Stick Tail, glad you enjoyed the journey to the float cabin. Enjoy exploring and relaxing. I'm sure you've got some favourite spots picked out already.

  3. Wow, Stick Tail, what an exciting trip for you. I love the BC Ferries parts of the journey from Vancouver to Powell River. The scenery is magnificent, but I'll bet it's even nicer where you're living now, in the float cabin.
    I hope you're going to be very happy there. Just be sure you stay out of the water!
    Love, Kay and Lindy

  4. Wow, great trip for Stick Tail. Looks like you have made yourself at home already.

  5. Welcome to your new home Stick Tail! I think you'll be very happy there with Margy & Wayne!


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