Sunday, May 12, 2013

Heading Home

Wayne, Stick Tail, and I are heading home to the float cabin this week. This will be Stick's first trip since Summer 2010. After that, he's stayed with Mom at the condo in town. As an indoor only condo cat, he should enjoy the outdoor freedom.

This will be a poignant trip, the first in Mom's Buick we lovingly call Big Bertha, but without Mom. However, she'll be going with us in spirit. Mom will always be an important part of our lives. As I looked through some old photos, there are some great ones of Mom and Stick at the cabin.

I'm so glad I was able to share float cabin living with Mom in all seasons. Winter was the hardest. We had to keep the fire going day and night to keep the interior warm enough. But as I've said before, Mom was a trooper. Plus, she was a long-time camper with Daddy and me.

Mom always loved her glass of red wine at happy hour. Chin-chin!

When we get to the cabin, I will be excited to see what has happened in my float garden. On our last trip, I planted new bareroot strawberries, onion sets, carrots, beets, spinach, and lettuce. In barrels on the deck, I planted Yukon Gold potatoes from my own sets, Scarlet Runner Beans and Snow Peas. We've had both rain and warm sunshine, so in the last three weeks lots of growth should have occurred. I'll keep you posted. -- Margy


  1. Keeping memories alive of loved ones that passed on by sharing is a good way to heal. I thank our lucky stars that my mom is still with us, getting better every day. The kitty was be a great addition to your float cabin and yes, I would be curious as to how your garden got on with you. Did you have someone water it in your absence? Love all the shots!

  2. Thinking of you on this first Mother's Day without your Mom.

    Hope you're warmer out there than we are here - right now it's 5 degrees with a windchill of 0 - cold enough to freeze your assets!

  3. Yes I bet the trip back was bittersweet. But your Mom is with you in spirit and enjoying.
    I bet everything in your garden is growing just fine. Will you be able to keep the kitty out of the garden? LOL

  4. I had a car named Big Bertha too, LOL!

    With all the wonderful things you've shared about your mom, I'm sure your memories will be sweet, though sometimes hard. I'm thinking of you during this mourning time.

    I'm sure Stick Tail will be excited to explore his new surroundings. When we first let our cat Fluffy outside, she was a little skittish, now she's like a huntress...she brought me a chipmunk the other day, and when I saw it in her mouth and hollered 'NO' she dropped it and it ran away. Then she looked at me with a face that said, 'what did you do that for, it was a present for you!'.

    Can't wait to hear more about your garden! We had a chance of frost this morning but I'm happy to say the temp didn't go below 34F!

  5. Stephanie - I'm so glad you mom is doing better.

    Elaine - Wet and warm here, going to be sunny for the long weekend.

    MaryBeth - You are right. She is with us in a strong way, especially right now. Maybe kitty can scare away whatever critter keep digging up my strawberry plants!

    Lise - Stick Tail went out the first day and seemed to remember everything, even after two and a half years away. We may have a few mice (that I wouldn't miss of course), but hope he doesn't eat anything out of ordinary. His old system may just not like a fresh kill.


  6. You will have a wonderful time at your cabin. Most people have to imagine their happy place. You can live it.
    Hubby took me out for Mother's Day. My mom died this weekend, 2006, and it is still hard. I did some retail therapy!
    All the best to you and yours.

  7. Sorry to hear about your mom's passing but you have wonderful memories of happy times at your lovely cabin. Hugs. xx


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