Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Quad Riding in Powell River, BC

At the beginning of this round, I posted "A is for ATV Enthusiast." I told how I got started with quadding with a 2-wheel drive Honda 250, then upgraded to my current 4-wheel drive Yamaha 450. When I ordered my quad from Danny at Quality Parts, I had to have the hard to get (at least in Powell River) silver model.

Wayne and I've been riding the trails in our area for several years now. Here are some of our favourite trips.

Giovanno Lake and Marg's Manor
Giavanno Lake and Poki's Place
The Head of Powell Lake
Granite Lake Trail
Misty Beach
The Blue Trail
Tony Lake
Elephant Lakes
Mt. Mahony
Appleton Creek
Lakes Loop
Khartoum Lake
Khartoum Lake (video) 
Blue Ridge Viewpoint
The Washout and Fred's Trail

Want to read more about riding the backroads and trails in Powell River? Here are a few links:

Powell River ATV Club
Up the Main
Farther Up the Main
Western Forest Products Logging Roads (PDF map)
Westlake Woodlands Logging Roads (PDF map)
Powell River Community Forest (map)
ATV Trail Guide (available at Powell River ATV stores)

Want to read about more quad rides in the Powell River area? Check out the new Powell River Quad Rides blog. 

Do you ride in the Powell River area? Where are dome of your favourite destinations? -- Margy


  1. You have some awesome trails! We love our ATV, we call it Big Bear, and enjoy the sights we can see on his back...we reach much farther heights than we would otherwise!

  2. How fun! My FIL had a quad that he parked it he back of his camper when he went hunting. He and his buddies went hunting way back in the woods. It always sounded like quite the adventure.

  3. I met a couple on the weekend talking about quad riding. Now I know what they were talking about.

  4. Looks like great fun. I would love to go on all those trails. I've never had a quad but I did drive one ,once, on the ranch and it was fun. MB

  5. Yes, that's a sturdy-looking vehicle.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team


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