Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Rocks and Rockhounding on Powell Lake, BC

For as long as I can remember, I've loved rocks. They don't have to be fancy or exotic rocks, just rocks that are pleasing to my eye. When I travel, I like to collect rocks that remind me of where I've been and what's I've seen.

Dike (black) running through granite.
The rocks then become decorative items for my home. But of course, some rocks are too big to collect.

In addition to collecting rocks, I like to take picture of rocks, especially those in streams, at the beach or along the shores of a lake.

Powell Lake and the other deep fjords in British Columbia were carved by ice age glaciers moving over the land's surface. Rocky surfaces still record their passing.

Glacial striations on Powell Lake's shoreline.

If you like rocks, here are a few websites of interest:
You might also be interested in an event that occurs on the second Sunday in September.  It's International Rock Flipping Day.  Here's a link with photos from last year on Flickr.  Also, here's a link at Susannah's Wanderin' Weeta (With Waterfowl and Weeds) blog with more information. Check back in late August to get an update.
    Are you a rock hound? Let's hear your stories. -- Margy


    1. When my brother and I were young, he decided he wanted to start collecting rocks as a hobby. My whole family had hobbies. One Christmas, my parents got him a rock tumbler so he could polish rocks. That made the loudest racket.

      I'm going to have to ask him whatever happened to his collection since he lost interest many years ago.

      The only one I ever got for myself was a small cut geode that I had on the shelf in my office at work when I HAD an office.

    2. Anonymous12:34 PM

      Hi Margy, I love the pictures of your rocks. The ones in the water are great. I have lots of pictures of rocks and drift wood and mushrooms. I find them very interesting.

    3. Several of my grandsons were interested in rocks until they became teenagers and girls were a lot more interesting...go figure!

    4. I thought rocks were so cool when I was a kid. I still do, actually, but I stopped collecting them!
      ROG, ABC Wednesday team

    5. Anonymous6:01 PM

      I'm a rock lover too and always picking up interesting ones. I've got a little collection of greenish rocks from our visits to Vancouver Island. They are from the Esquilmalt Lagoon. I'm sure you have lots of wonderful rocks around the float cabin.

    6. I like to collect or just look at rocks. I like to pick a rock from where I visit or roadtrip. Bob and I got a rock tumbler---not as loud as they used to be. wen t went to Guemes Island out of Anacortes which is supposedly famous for it's agates and picked the beaches. It was a fun afternoon. MB

    7. Do you remember when "pet rocks" were "IN"? My Dad got one and mounted it on a piece of wood and put a metal plate on it with "My Pet Rock" engraved. Gave it to my daughter - she might even still have it.

      abcw team

    8. rocks are interesting...i used to collect rocks, well, mostly pebbles. my grandparents' house was near the beach and there were beautiful pebbles. the big rocks, in rivers and landscape, are great photography subjects.:p

      R is for...

    9. I love rocks, too!
      My daughter is a hydrogeologist.
      I've been having fun moving rocks today. It's sort of a new garden.


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