Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Boat with No Name

It's winter and our 2452 Bayliner in Bellingham has been out of the water for her annual maintenance. She's now back afloat with some creatively named neighbours.  However, our boat has no name. We bought her that way and haven't gotten around to christening her with an official moniker.

But name, or no name, she's my favourite boat. I love her spacious interior (compared to our 23' model) and the raised bridge for good viewing. I love the way she takes rougher water, and we've added an enclosure to make it warmer to boat in the winter.   What's not to love.

Using the names of some her Squalicum Harbor neighbours, this year

I am ...

 to live life

and come to my marina

with greater

to enjoy a


Now that's putting some boat names to good use. -- Margy


  1. Very witty and clever! Xxx

  2. Thanks Stephanie and Fran. It just worked out that I had some boat name pictures that fit the bill. - Margy

  3. I took a 2452 Ciera out to the San Juans for the weekend several years ago. It was a memorable weekend in more ways that one...courtesy of my son, not necessarily the boat.


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