Thursday, January 03, 2013

Get Coastal BC Stories for Kindle or E-book Reader

Do you have a Kindle or E-book reader?

PowellRiverBooks has just what you need and want at a price you can't beat. Take a look inside these exciting books in Wayne's Coastal BC Stories series. Each book focuses on a special aspect of life where mountains drop into the sea and people have a different sense of purpose.

Up the Lake with stories about hiking, boating, flying and survival off the grid in a floating cabin on Powell Lake. This was the first book in the series and has a variety of stories about the Powell River region. Kindle Introductory Offer for $.99 or E-book for Free

Up the Main focuses on getting into the backcountry by bike, quad and hiking. Come ride along with us on a quad to places like Theodosia Inlet, the head of Powell Lake and on logging roads near and far. Kindle for $5.99 or E-book for $6.99

Up the Winter Trail takes the reader snowshoeing, hiking and biking during the winter months. This would be a good book if you are planning on coming to the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Kindle for $5.99 or E-book for $5.99.

Up the Strait cruises the Strait of Georgia to uncrowded and pristine anchorages. Follow our 24' Bayliner Halcyon Days into Desolation Sound, to unique Mittlenatch Island and the Gulf Islands. Kindle for $5.99 or E-book for $6.99

Up the Airway wings you across Canada to show off our beautiful country from up above. Fly along with us in our Piper Arrow, land to camp at remote strips with gorgeous scenery, and meet unique animals like the muskox. Kindle for $5.99 or E-book for $6.99

Farther Up the Lake follows in the footsteps of Wayne's most popular book, Up the Lake. Read about living off the grid in a float cabin, the beauties of Powell Lake and the many different ways you can enjoy the backcountry. Kindle for $5.99 or E-book for $6.99

Farther Up the Main takes you beyond the original Up the Main to explore the glaciers of Mt. Alfred, the remote Theodosia wilderness, a logging road ride to our cabin, and on an impromptu overnight stay waiting for a summer swollen stream to subside. Kindle for $5.99 or E-book for $6.99

Farther Up the Strait takes you on voyages to more remote inlets and anchorages in Desolation Sound and beyond. Did you ever want to put a new engine in your boat? Follow along as our Halcyon Days gets a new lease on life and energy boost. Kindle for $5.99 or E-book for $6.99

Cabin Number 5 follows John as he constructs a float cabin from the water up.  Over the years, when time and money are available, the cabin grows board by board. If you've ever dreamed of living off-the-grid, you'll enjoy Cabin Number 5 (yes, it's the fifth one John's built). Kindle for $5.99 or E-book for $6.99

Off the Grid is the newest book in Coastal BC Stories. We were city-folk when we bought our cabin, but have learned how to generate our own power, use propane for appliances, maintain a kitchen garden, live in harmony with nature, and exchange our hectic lives for a more simple lifestyle. Kindle only for $5.99

All books are available in Kindle and print formats through Amazon. Other e-book readers can find the books available online through Smashwords, Kobo, Sony, Apple, and Barnes and Noble.

Happy e-reading! -- Wayne and Margy

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