Saturday, January 19, 2013

"Bird Songs Bible"

For Christmas, Wayne got me a wonderful new book. Up at the cabin, I love to have nature guides to help me identify the plants and critters we encounter. With no Internet, it's nice to have books with lots of pictures and descriptions.  The Bird Songs Bible fills that bill, plus it has an audio feature with bird songs.

Wayne found it on the bargain books shelf at Barnes and Noble in Bellingham.  The original price was $125.00 and I can see why.  It has quality paper with full colour images. However, I probably would have passed it up even with the audio bird song feature at that price.  But at $24.95, it was a steal and a perfect addition to our cabin library.  Keep your eyes open at book store bargain tables or online. Maybe you can find one for yourself.

Bird Songs Bible: The Complete, Illustrated Reference for North America Birds

Written by: Dennis Paulson, David L. Pearson, Les Beletsky, with vocalization descriptions by Gerrit Vyn

Illustrated by Jon Janosik, Mike Langman, Jonathan Latimer, David Nurnly, Diane Pierce, J. Douglas Pratt, John Sill

Chronicle Books, San Francisco, 2010

Audio Player: Cornell Lab of Ornithology recordings


  1. Sounds like a great book and one my husband would really enjoy. I'll keep my eyes open, thanks!

  2. That was a bargain price. It looks like the perfect book to browse through all winter so that you will be able to ID the birds.I have the Birds Songs book (2006) which had the feature to play each bird song.

  3. That was a great deal for your book. I search on You Tube for bird sounds.

  4. Lynn - You could try Coles. Our local store can order bargain books if they are available.

    Crafty - Sounds very similar. This one has a code number next to the picture of the bird and you punch in the number on the audio control on the right. They are pretty short clips, but do help, especially when you hear a bird but don't see it.

    Stephanie - My favourite site for bird identification is the Cornell Lab of Ornithology "All About Birds." In fact, that is where the audio for this book came from.


  5. What a wonderful gift Wayne found for you, Margy. It will give you many, many hours of enjoyment, I'm sure.

  6. What a deal!!! I really enjoy watching birds and have several books to help me identify them. I'll have to keep my eyes out for this one. Thanks for the tip:)


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