Saturday, January 26, 2013

Garden Bunny

I know it's still January and the heart of winter, but my mind keeps jumping ahead to spring. Bunny has been with me since 2003, the first year of my floating gardenIn 2010, he got a facelift and had reconstructive back surgery so he could continue with his garden protection duties.

He's actually a movie star bunny.  Recently he was seen on duty in Hole in the Wall on the travel channel.  Right now there's only a few hopeful Grape Hyacinths ready for some warm weather to go with the moist rains.

Soon he'll have a whole garden full of flowers and vegetables to guard.  And maybe his Easter Bunny brother will stop by with some extra treats. -- Margy


  1. Your garden bunny is cute! I have never seen a floating garden, very neat. Hope you are having a great weekend!

  2. I am anxious to rip out a giant Rhodo patch (think 20x20) in the middle of my backyard that the prior owner put in (we just bought the home this Spring) so I can plant a small garden. I hope to put a dwarf fruit tree in the middle and then plant herbs, food and small flowers around it. We still have tons of rhodos in the front yard that I will leave. They kind of took over the backyard. Your floating garden looks awesome!

  3. He's lovely and obviously does a really good job since you have kept him fed and watered for so long! Xxx

  4. I love your garden bunny and I love, love, love that garden!!!

  5. I love your guard-garden bunny, Margy, and his brother is cute, too.
    I'm sure glad I found your place on the Google map. I've got a thing for maps, and always have had. I love floor plans, too...they're like maps of houses.
    And I love gardens, but I am SO bad at gardening. Since we've had a veggie-eating dog, it's kind of pointless to try to grow food, anyway.
    But I love to watch the progress of your floating garden.

  6. I so love this little character! He is beautiful and has a role to play in the health of the garden!
    In answer to your comments (on my Fur and Wings blog) about muzzles on dogs, I have only seen them twice in all my time of taking photos! Both times involved a very crowded place. The first time was at Mornington street markets and the second time was yesterday when thousands crowded the Dromana foreshore for Australia Day celebrations. I can only presume, in both cases, it was a precautionary measure with so many people and so many divergent sounds around.
    And thank you for your thoughts!

  7. That is sooooooo precious!!!!

  8. Wayne and Margy: I enjoyed the YouTube video of your retirement adventures. Motivating! If you ever decide to form a group of traveling retirees, count me in. I'm an ex-pat living in Galicia where we get 75 inches of rain annually...and I love it! Nothing nicer that waking up to green trees and morning dew. My best to you both. Stay well.

  9. Thank you everyone for stopping by and commenting on my Camera Critters post.

    Cheapchick - Sounds like a good plan. At my first house I had a nice sized back yard. We cut out a good sized rectangle out of the lawn and I started my first garden. I also used the planters around the house and along the fence to grow veggies. You should have seen the onions I got in those days.

    Kay - Glad you found us on the map. I love using Google maps to explore places I want to visit.

    Gemma - Thanks for the answer about dogs.

    ThreeINtheGREEN - Glad you liked the video.


  10. A floating garden is a great idea! I love your style! And am so glad to have found your blog.


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