Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fraser Titan

For boat watching, there's nothing like Garry Point Park in Steveston, BC. I've been there several times and it's always exciting. Whether it's motorboats or sailboats, pleasure boats or working boats, you'll see all kinds. The mouth of the mighty Fraser River is pretty boat friendly.

Last weekend on my mini-vacation, I booked a room at the Historic Steveston Hotel (one of my favourite places). From there I could walk to the harbour, restaurants, shops, and of course, Garry Point Park.

I saw the Fraser Titan several times moving in and out of the mouth of the river. She was hard to miss. The massive bridge could even be seen over the tip of Shady Island out in the main channel.

And you could hear the massive diesel engines working hard against the current as she made her way upstream. Because she completed at least three trips while I was there, I guessed she might be working. The Fraser Titan is a 305' Hopper Dredge that belongs to Fraser River Pile and Drive (FRPD).

She was moving very slow through the water on the upstream run, even more so than the running current should require. Maybe she was doing some dredging on each pass. It was quite a sight and sound. -- Margy


  1. Wow - she is big! And yes, I would definitely have taken her picture! :)


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