Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Laser Sailboat

After reading Border Songs by Jim Lynch, Wayne wanted to get a Laser sailboat. In the book, Madeline raced a Laser and used it to surreptitiously cross Boundary Bay from Canada to the States. After an extensive search in Buy, Sell and Trade, Wayne found a used one on Vancouver Island.

Unfortunately, it's taken until this summer for me to help as his "ground crew" so to speak. Laser Performance makes a variety of small sailboats, primarily used for racing. Maybe not the best boat for learning to sail, but maybe the most exciting.

Wayne's spent a year reading about sailing and rigging his Laser. Finally, this summer he's been able to put all of his "book learning" into practice. There's something to be said about learning by doing, but learning to sail a boat this way might not be the easiest way to go. Here's how it turned out on the maiden voyage.

The first day there was an exciting moment when the sailboat turned upside-down, the mast pointing straight down to the bottom of Hole in the Wall. I took the Campion out to help Wayne get it back upright. Just like riding a horse, he got back on and learned a lot from his experience. Maybe learning by doing is a good way after all.

Have you taught yourself anything by reading? How did it turn out? -- Margy


  1. Maybe Wayne should take one of the courses the yacht club is putting on right now. Just saying! :)

  2. Paul - That would have been a good idea. Maybe it will work out for next year. - Margy

  3. That's great he tried it out after reading how to sail. I agree with Paul, some lessons from someone to show him the ropes as well. (no pun intended)


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