Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bullfrogs and Tadpoles

The Americans are coming -- American bullfrogs that is!

Last week when I was at my float cabin on Powell Lake, I was greeted with the sound of bullfrogs singing in John's back bay. The shallow warm water is prime frog territory. Then while I was sunbathing on the deck next to my natural swimming pool, several huge tadpoles were swimming back and forth.

But it's not all good. According to University of Victoria researchers, bullfrogs are not naturally found in British Columbia. They were introduced decades ago for frog farms (frog legs anyone?). Since then, bullfrogs have been expanding their territory by about five kilometres a year. Now that’s hopping fast! The main problem is that bullfrogs are voracious eaters, including indigenous frogs. Their decimation of native frog populations and habitats outweighs any usefulness. For its tenacity, the bullfrog has received the dubious “honour” of being nominated as one of the 100 "World's Worst" invaders by the Global Invasive Species Database (GISD).

Bullfrogs continue to expand their range due to migration and continued release from private ponds. Public education is vital to stop the spread and reduce their impact in British Columbia ponds, lakes and wetlands. Become part of the solution. Learn more about how invasive species can harm your community and country, and what you can do to help. -- Margy


  1. They've infested Cranberry Lake also, one of the reasons the nesting bird population on the lake is virtually nil. These frogs will eat eggs and even nestlings, so voracious is absolutely right on.

  2. Great footage on the tadpoles! Thanks, I learned something new today.

  3. I have a bullfrog in my goldfish pond, but I also have some alewives, and goldfish. So far everyone loves one another! Such a dry summer.
    I didn't realize they were native out your way. My Jeremiah is huge!

  4. Great shots! The balance of nature is so easily upset.

  5. Tadpoles reminds me of my childhood living in a farm.

    Hopping by from camera critters.

    Some Cardinal shots, come and see.


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