Sunday, April 29, 2012

What will I find?

YEA! I get to go home. Homecoming is always sweet, no matter how long the absence. Don't you feel that way? Wayne and I discovered our float cabin by chance in 2001 and haven't wanted to be anywhere else.  

We left from the South Terminal at Vancouver Airport on a Pacific Coastal flight to Powell River. From there it's only a 25 minute flight up the Sunshine Coast, a fifteen minute drive to the Shinglemill Marina, and a 25 minute boat ride up Powell Lake to our cabin home in Hole in the Wall.

What will I find? I know my floating vegetable garden needs some attention. During my last trip in late March I got all my planting done. I was worried about getting my hand dirty after surgery.  I hope my new strawberries have taken hold. Is the unknown critter that's been digging up my flower pots still be hanging around? I sure hope he (or she) hasn't made it out to the floating garden! What will I find?

Actually, it doesn’t matter. I'll find the best place in the whole world. Our cabin on Powell Lake inspired my husband Wayne to write the Coastal BC Stories series. You too can head Up the Lake and Farther Up the Lake through his books.

Do you have a place that inspires you? Maybe it is where you live, or a vacation home or destination. Maybe it is that special place to sneak away to when you want to be alone. Let us know about it and why you like it so much. -- Margy


  1. I sure do like your cabin Margy, and its location. Beatiful getaway place.

  2. Love your floating cabin, Margy! I'll bet it did feel good to get home. I was away visiting kids and grandkids for 3 weeks and felt the same way about returning to the tree farm.

  3. Frugal - Yes, it is pretty unique. But you've got land. That's important too. With mine, I only have a lease for 20 years. You never know what the government will do after that.

    Diane - Now that I am back in town, it all seems like it went by too quick. But at least I have my next trip home to look forward to.



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