Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sofa Table

For months I've been shopping for a table to put next to our sofa at the cabin. For years, we've used two oak TV trays. They have served us well, but the legs did get in the way while storing things underneath, and the surface was barely large enough to hold all the stuff we liked to have at our fingertips.

I looked in Powell River, Bellingham, and online. Small desks were too wide. Sofa tables were too long. And both were so heavy. Sometimes when I have a hard time sleeping, I design things in my head. Three years ago I drew a diagram of what I thought would be a perfect solution. I went back in my diary, found the illustration, made a few adjustments after talking to Wayne, and gave it to John.

John is great about taking my designs and modifying them to make them even better. My only mandatory requirements were solid side panels to hide our charging station, a lower shelf to give us more surface area, and the overall dimensions. As you can see, John made us the perfect sofa table.

It has a slightly larger surface area than the TV trays. The open area underneath is better for organizing and hiding our rechargeable devices. The lower shelf is great for things like books and magazines. Now Wayne has a handy spot for reading, writing and relaxing. Thanks John! -- Margy


  1. It is a very nice looking sofa table, has a good feng shui feel to it as well.

  2. Oh, it really is perfect, isn't it? I like it a lot, Margy.

  3. The side table looks gr8! Sometimes it is just so hard to find exactly what we need. I'm glad you came up with a solution.

  4. What a well designed solution. Handy and cozy.
    Regarding the planned library -- that is one building I'd be in favor of in a parkland setting.

  5. Thanks everyone for stopping by and commenting on My World post. Joyful was right, I just couldn't find exactly what i needed. That makes John such a wonderful resource. - Margy


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