Wednesday, April 04, 2012

More Barns of Highway 195

About two-thirds of the way from Spokane to Pullman on Highway 195 is the small town of Colfax, Washington. Colfax, founded in 1873, is the seat of Whitman County. It's also the heart of the wheat producing lands of eastern Washington. Highway 195 goes right through downtown. I just love the ad on the wall for "Rip-Proof Overalls." Just the thing to wear out in the barn.

Maybe the owner of this beautiful red barn wears some.

Isn't that a lovely setting in the little valley with trees surrounding the farm house? -- Margy


  1. Anonymous1:05 PM

    Very nice, very nice barn, love the shape... my mom could use a pair of rip-proof overalls! LoL!

    Thanks so much =)

  2. I could use some of those rip-proof overalls as well! Mine are patched to the max!

    Lovely setting for a barn -- next to the big pines. :)

  3. Nice shots, Margy!

  4. The red barn is in a gorgeous setting.

    I rally like the wide streets in the centre of western towns.

  5. I like that area too. Rip-proof, huh? Maybe I need some. LOL Did you go to Step-toe Butte while you were there? A must! MB

  6. What a sweet barn. Thanks for sharing.

    Mint Green! - Barn Charm #77

    Had a hard time with the double word spamming thing.

  7. What a pleasant surprise to come across this little farm with the red barn! Thanks for checking mine out.

  8. Terrific barn and a lovely setting. I'd like a painting of that scene. I recently bought a beautiful brown barn watercolor (by Lynn Sexton whom I googled and found to be a Santa Barbara area artist) and a superbly done color pencil drawing of barn by the Little Pigeon river in Tenneesee by Liam ?? (I tried looking for the barn on Google maps, but didn't get far). Both originals were really low priced...found them at the nearby antique stores.


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