Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Working Boats of Steveston BC

As you can tell, I really enjoyed my trip to Steveston BC. Today I want to share about the working boats you will find in the harbour. While there are a few pleasure boats mixed in, the majority are fishing boats and tugs.

The Steveston Harbour is a bit unique. It's located in the mouth of Fraser River.

It's close to the Strait of Georgia to get tidal effects, but it also gets lots of fresh water from the river outflow. This is good for boat hulls and engines. Salt water is more corrosive. Plus, the location gives more protection during the fierce fall and winter storms we get with high winds. Here's a short clip I took from Garry Point Park.

Go on weekends during the winter or most any day in the summer and buy fresh fish off the working boats. Can't beat that for taste or price! -- Margy


  1. Nice one Margy, can't go wrong with a "working boat" post! :D

  2. Glad you enjoyed yourselves. Yes Fresh is surely the best. We have been eating just caught Salmon from the Stilly and Samish Rivers. YUM!! MB

  3. SOunds like a fun place to visit. I find the first picture of the large fishing booey(?) very interesting.

  4. Waterways are such great places to visit and catch on photos. Thanks for sharing your world!

  5. I was wondering if the first photos was of a large and colorful gooey...I early cannot tell. If it is a gooey, it is certainly an unusual one. The seafood looks divine. Wish I had a plate of it now. genie

  6. That tub of shrimp on ice makes my mouth water! Wish we had the same over here in Europe!

  7. I must get my eyes checked! When I looked at the first picture, I thought it was an upturned rowing boat, until I enlarged it! I love to see working boats, the sea being used for a 'proper' purpose xxx

  8. Thanks everyone for stopping by and commenting on my Our World post.

    Paul - you get some great working boat pictures as well. Always love your tugs.

    MB - saw all the poor salmon on the news swimming across the road when the river flooded.

    Yes, that is a large metal float buoy ball. I'm not sure, but it probably was used in the fishing industry before it became an object of art.


  9. Hi there - that pile of prawns looks good. Fish, straight off the boat - does it ever come better than that?

    Stewart M - Australia


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