Saturday, November 05, 2011

Shared Storage

Each fall we get visited by Bushy-tailed Woodrats. They leave their "calling cards" on Wayne's chaise pad, and help me harvest the last of my veggies from the garden and pots. They are so organized that they nibble plant stems and then pile the leaves to dry before storage. When we know one is in the area, we use our live trap and work out
a relocation.

Just above the high water line, John built a wonderful shed for us to use to store those things that don't fit into the cabin. He even gave us a window, just to see what might be going on outside. Of course, we have to be careful what we put inside. One reason is that the woodrats think it's there just for them.

Woodrats are notorious for taking and hiding bright shiny objects. When I clean the shed after an invasion, I'm always finding objects from the shelf mixed in with their food items. This time a yellow paint brush was placed on top of the dried weeds. What a decorative flair they have.

When I took the woodrat's cache out, I found lots of dried ferns, moss, and salal berries. Mixed in, it looked like some of my lettuce and sage. I felt bad about destroying the cache of food, but our shed isn't the best place for the mess. Fortunately, woodrats are known to create multiple food caches surrounding their nest. Losing this one shouldn't make winter devastating. -- Margy


  1. And they look so cute..ahhhh xxx

  2. Yes he is cute! We don't have woodrats but we have mice and rats on the island. I have not seen a rat in Tlell however the mice have been visiting the cabin for the exposed insulation. As you say Margy they leave there calling card.
    I don't think I have seen such a robust food cache from a rodent...glad to see that they eat healthy!!

  3. Are they biggish? Fran and Carolyn are right though, he is cute.

  4. Yes Fran and Carolyn, they are cute if they aren't devouring your garden or visiting inside the cabin when you are alone on a very cold night. I called it The Night of the Woodrat. A funny story if you'd like to read it.

    Elaine - Yes, they are fairly large with a bushy tail. Kind of reminds me of a Kangaroo Rat on steroids. That's a medium-sized live trap she (he?) is in.


  5. Beautiful critter shots!

    Late visiting from Camera Critters. The Hopper is my critter, please drop by when you get a chance. Thanks!

  6. He's cute - looks like a big gerbil! I can see why you want to relocate them though.

  7. Thanks everyone for stopping by to comment on my critter of the week. - Margy


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