Tuesday, November 08, 2011

All Off-board

Mom just finished a month's vacation with us in Powell River. October was beautiful with some sunny warm days, and lots of colourful leaves. Mom stays in our town condo. When Wayne and I can go up to the cabin, we get home care attendants from We Care in Courtenay. Attendants ride the ferry and Mom gets a kick out of watching them arrive right from her living room chair.

Last Saturday Mom and I packed up Bertha (her big white Buick) and drove back to her home in Bellingham. When we got to the Saltery Bay terminal thirty minutes before departure, I was shocked to see no other cars. My first thought was I had goofed on the time. but it was just the off-season quiet.

Since we were #1 in line, we got the #1 spot on the ferry. From the comfort of our car we got to see the passing scenery. That was great for Mom since getting to the passenger deck wasn't possible. And when we arrived at the Earls Cove terminal, we got to really see what happens when the ferry docks and prepares for offloading.

Taking a ferry to and from Powell River is commonplace for residents, but it's hard to become immune to the beauty of the experience. -- Margy


  1. I'm sure not everyone watched your video with the same sentiment I did. "Oh, how I miss the ferries in BC" and even a tear or two. LOL
    I'm such a wuss. I get all happy and teary-eyed flying into YVR on a clear day, too, especially when I can see the mountains AND the water.
    A big Buick sounds like a nice comfortable car for your mother to ride in. It's a fair trip from Powell River to Bellingham, but, as you said, there's lots of scenery.

  2. I quite liked that ferry. Great story. Good luck with mom!

  3. Margy, this was a perfect choice for "Our World Tuesday".

  4. Kay - Ferries are something you can love and hate at the same time. I love riding them through the beautiful inlets of BC, I hate waiting for them and really hate when I miss one or if I get left behind because they are too full. Plus, the cost is constantly rising.

    Thanks Jenn and Elaine for stopping by and commenting on My World Tuesday.



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