Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Return to Steveston BC

Last weekend I went on a short return trip to Steveston, BC. I had three reasons for my trip: 1) a respite girl's weekend out, 2) a chance to meet my blogging friend Susannah from Wanderin' Weeta in real life, and 3) to pick Wayne up early Sunday morning at Vancouver Airport. Don't you just love multitasking?

I made a reservation at the Historic Steveston Hotel for Saturday night. I called them direct and was given several options. I chose the standard room for less that $75. The rooms have all been updated and of course, there are larger and fancier ones. That's my room over the word "Hotel." The rooms are upstairs. Downstairs is a wonderful cafe serving hearty breakfasts and lunches to locals and visitors alike, and a full-service liquor store. Here's a quick tour of my room.

The Village of Steveston is located at the mouth of the South Arm of the Fraser River as it enters the Strait of Georgia. It has a long history as a fishing port, with the Gulf of Georgia Cannery which is now a national historic site. It was built in 1894 followed by what was then called the Sockeye Hotel (apropos wouldn't you say) next door, Today, you will also find the Buck & Ear pub, a great place for a brew, sports TV, and food.

I met my blogging friend Susannah and her good friend Laurie out front. With the drizzly rain, we opted to go into the hotel cafe for coffee and tea. When the skies cleared, we wandered the streets looking into some of the fun shops. Steveston Marine got most of our time, then we went over to wharf to see the boats and the busy fish market.

The next morning it was an easy 20 minute drive to Vancouver International Airport to pick Wayne up. It was a great weekend getaway. Stop by Steveston and see for your yourself. -- Margy


  1. Wow, I was impressed by the video of your room, Margy, not to mention the price!
    My kid brother says he'll pick me up when my plane gets in at 9:30pm a week from now, but maybe I should take a cab to the Steveston Hotel instead. I can't think how many centuries (decades, anyway) it has been since I visited Steveston. If I run out of touristy things to do, I could hang out at the building supply, always fun for me.
    Really enjoyed your post today. See you soon.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  2. So nice you had a chance to visit with Susannah and Laurie at such a historic site, Margy. They are a fun pair to hang out with. I love Steveston even in the downpours. This is where I lived as a child for a short while and where I ventured out on the docks pretending to be a newspaper reporter writing about the boaters and their travels. They were mostly fishing vessels but I imaged great sea adventures. :)

  3. Gosh, wish I'd known you were coming - I would have tried to meet up with you 3. Glad you had a good time and the hotel was decent. I always wondered about what was above the Buck and Ear Pub. lol

  4. The room looks cozy. It must be very cool to spend a night or two in here especially if you are with sopmeone you love.

  5. It's a different life out your way, isn't it? Thanks, again for sharing!

  6. I love it that you showed us the inside of the historic hotel. Very cool...and, like you said, very clean. You're right, What more could I want. :)

  7. Thanks everyone for stopping by and commenting on My World post about Steveston BC. I'm planning on going back very soon to meet some more friends. Stay tuned. - Margy


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