Friday, March 04, 2011

Snow Above, Rain Below

Up at the cabin, we are often on the dividing line between rain and snow. On Sunday, when we arrived, there was about four inches of the white fluffy stuff all over the deck. But by morning, it had all but melted.

Temperatures hovered around 2 degrees C at night and 5 degrees during the day. Consequently, I could watch the snow falling on Goat Island above me.

And rain at lake level in front of me. Quite an interesting weather phenomena.

While it was cool and blustery outside, I stayed warm and toasty indoors with my trusty wood stove going from morning to night. Life is good when you have plenty of wood! -- Margy


  1. Nice weather shots Margy, and your stove even looks warm!

  2. Fabulous views. And your wood stove looks so cosy, what could be better, seeing the snow and mountains whilst curled up by the woodfire.

  3. "Life is good when you have plenty of wood." That's almost poetry, Margy. I love it.
    I miss the wood fires of my childhood. There is something about wood warmth that is cozier than thermostatically-controlled furnace warmth.
    I love your weather phenomenon, snow above and rain below. Even cold rain can't get chill your bones if you have a wood fire! Fabulous.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  4. Your split weather phenomenon sounds really interesting!

  5. Looks like you have quite the fire going in your wood stove - love it! Beautiful photo of your cabin too!

  6. ah yes life is good....I too get the see the snow on the mountains and rain or sleet at my was a very strange weather week last you I love our wood burning fire...toasty is an understatement....but I am ready for a little spring...there were periods on Saturday that looked very promising....

  7. Lovely shots Margy, the contrasts are beautiful.

  8. Thanks everyone for stopping by for this week's Skywatch. I never get tired of this view from my front porch. It changes from day to day in all seasons. Wayne calls it our live widescreen HDTV. - Margy


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