Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm goin' home, back home

As the Mick Jagger and Rolling Stones lyrics go:

I'm goin' home, I'm goin' home
I'm goin' home, I'm goin' home
I'm goin' home, bome, bome, bome-bome-bome,
Home, bome, bome, bome, back home
Yes, I am
Today I drove Bertha the Buick to the Peace Arch crossing in Blaine. Fortunately, the queue for Canadian immigration and customs was short and sweet. At the time, a passport was not required for a land entry into Canada for US and Canadian citizens. Now they are. Rules change, so check before you go with the Canadian Border Service Agency and US Customs and Border Protection.

The total drive time from Bellingham to Vancouver Airport's South Terminal was only one hour including my border crossing, but I always give myself two "just in case." I left Bertha parked in the airport lot. The cost is $11.00 a day and the time can be extended if needed over the telephone. That's nice to know in case plans change or the weather becomes a factor.

At the South Terminal, I catch a Pacific Coastal Airlines flight that goes direct to my hometown, Powell River. Pacific Coastal also has connections to many Vancouver Island and BC destinations. For me, it is only a 25 minute flight up the Sunshine Coast. To make flying more affordable, check out their new Quick Pass system.

If you are lucky, you just might get a ride on the Shorts 360. It's a unique plane that looks like a flying boxcar to me. The one-way cost is about $150.00. The Quik Pass includes discount fares for frequent fliers.

Transportation is easy in Powell River. Your Pacific Coastal flight crew can call ahead for a Powell River Taxi to be waiting to whisk you away to your first adventure. If you are on the ground, you can call them at (604) 483-3666. You might be lucky enough to get one of our good friend John's brothers, Rick or Rob. They both have new Prius cars to be environmentally friendly and economical.

If you want a car, Budget car rental is in the terminal. There is also a stop for the Powell River Regional Transit District bus outside. This bus can take you all around town or, with a connection, to the community of Lund at the end (or beginning depending on your point of view) of Highway 101.

Since I'm "goin' home," Wayne will pick me up in the truck and we'll head strait to the cabin. See you later with some great winter tales from "up the lake."


  1. Looking forward to news and photos at 11!

  2. I saw your heading earlier, but we had to go out, so there I was, imagining you driving from Bellingham to Horseshoe Bay, taking the first ferry, driving up the Sunshine Coast, taking the second ferry, and wearing yourself out.
    Instead, you just had to drive to the airport to get on that interesting-looking flying boxcar. I looked up Pacific Coastal. The say they fly to 65 BC communities but there are only 14 on their online list. Most mysterious.
    Now I want to see a picture of Bertha the Buick. Love the name.
    I almost always name my cars, but I haven't named the '03 Chevy Malibu I inherited when Dick got an '09 Malibu. His license plate has the letters SYA, and he is always leaving to go somewhere, so I call his car "Sayonara"!
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  3. Safe travels to you!

  4. As I am not keen on flying , I'm afraid you wouldn't get me on that plane that looks too heavy!!!! Safe travel, can't wait to hear all your news from 'home' x

  5. Welcome home, looking forward to more tales from the float cabin.

  6. Welcome home! Have a great time up the lake, can't wait to read about your trip. Margaret

  7. Wow! I think the Canadian border is a LOT harder to cross here in Ontario! We must be more suspicious looking! :)

  8. Thanks everyone for all the well wishes. I had a wonderful four days at the cabin. The first night Wayne and I got to be there together. The rest I batched it alone. We had a pretty good wind storm on Wednesday, but with John's special shock absorbers on the cables the cabin rode it out well. I hated to leave today, but am heading back again at the end of the month. YEA! - Margy

  9. Sounds like a super homecoming! This is a great informative post, Margy...thank you. I once loved driving Hwy. 101 along the Sunshine Coast.


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