Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Save that Ducky

Saving, reusing and repurposing are a way of life at the cabin. I'm bad about maximizing things when in town, but this week I was in cabin mode, and decided to give a floating Rubber Duckies a new lease on life.

He has served us well brightening our natural swimming pool. But he lost his yellow feathers and ruby red bill. The only survivor are his shades. He must be a USC (University of Southern California) Band Ducky. They never go anywhere without their dark glasses.

So I got out my acrylic paints and got to work. Now Ducky wants to know. Can you tell the difference between his new suit of clothes and his mint fresh cousin?

In the scheme of things, it probably doesn't make a big difference. But it was a fun way to enjoy sitting in front of the fire while the rain was pattering on the tin roof. -- Margy


  1. We both posted rubber duckies today. I think mine would have appreciated your artistic touch, too.
    You're the one!

  2. I have a small blue rubber duck, which has come with us from the house on to the yacht. My husband reckons I'm nuts, but I'm sure you can appreciate the sentiment that I didn't want to leave him behind or packed up in a box!!!! Your 'twins' are lovely x

  3. Hi readers - head on over to Susannah's blog and see her ducky and learn all about bogs.

    Fran - I do understand. In our Bayliner we have Mr. Seagull who has been on all of our cruises for many years. We are very superstitious about squeezing him so he can give us a squawk blessing for our trip.



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