Thursday, March 31, 2011

Julie's Airport Market & Grill

Thirty years ago, Wayne and I visited Powell River while on a flying camping trip. We needed fuel and then walked to the Airport Market for ice and snacks. We hopped back in our plane and away we went -- for twenty more years until we returned to make Powell Lake our home. If you would like to read about some of our flying adventures, check out Wayne's Up the Airway.

I've often driven passed the Airport Market, but have never stopped. This week I learned from a real estate agent friend, Harry Zroback, that our friend Julie bought the market about six months ago and was having a blast. So today, as I was getting ready to catch a Pacific Coastal flight back to Bellingham, I decided to visit Julie and grab a bite of lunch at her market restaurant.

The sign out front says Julie's Airport Market - Grill and Groceries. Outside, the lot was filled with pickup trucks, so I knew the food was going to be good and plentiful. Besides, I know Julie and her pride in a job well done. Inside there is one shelf of emergency items a passing pilot or nearby neighbor might want, but the emphasis is on the restaurant part of the business. And there was Julie, doing a bit of everything: taking orders, manning the till, cooking, and serving.

Julie asked if I wanted breakfast or lunch. Lunch I said, and she directed me to the specials board. I picked the steak sandwich. It came medium, just like I ordered, on top of garlic toast, covered with grilled mushrooms and garnished with onion rings. The side of fries was crispy and huge. A meal fit for a logger, but I gave it my best. You can bet I will be heading back to the Airport Market for breakfast or lunch on my next trip to town.

You can read about Julie and her prize winning derby fish in Up the Lake. And you can take a peak at the newly remodeled Julie's Airport Cafe by clicking here. Don't worry. She's kept the airplane theme. -- Margy


  1. we`ve lived in PR for 5 yrs. didn`t know there was a grill there.i`m going for lunch today.thnx

  2. Go hungry bear! And say hi to Julie for me. - Margy

  3. Its over a year now and the food and service continue to get better and better...


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