Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Cabin Deck Refurb

Decks on float cabins are extremely important. You need them to walk on, sit on, and of course, sunbathe on. It's your front, back and side yards rolled into one.

On cedar log floats, decks are raised above the water using an intricate maze of support posts and beams called pony walls that are usually hidden from view.

Our good friend John is putting a new deck on his cabin. When he originally refurbished this old cabin, he didn't completely rebuild the float. He is taking this opportunity make some structural improvements.

One important improvement is adding a brow log. This log runs perpendicular to the float logs. Long spikes driven through the logs tie them together for added strength. In this picture you can see the new brow log (split lengthwise) and the pony walls on top.

How do you get wood for the deck up the lake? John uses the time tested method of towing them bundled together, using their buoyancy in the water to do the work.

Maybe, by the time I return at the end of the month, the deck will be done and ready for outdoor enjoyment. - Margy


  1. I remember helping a neighbour in the next cabin do this years ago. It seemed like terrifically hard work to me...good thing you're away, Margie! Heh, heh!

    I felt the added strength to the deck when I walked on it after if was fixed. It felt more level, as well.

  2. Looks like a lot of hard but necessary work. Drink one for me when you are relaxing there next month. MB

  3. Marion - Yes, it is hard work. And John does most of it all alone. Wayne tries to help him, but John like doing things on his own schedule.

    MB - Maybe I'll do a mulled wine next trip and save the brew for warmer weather.



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