Thursday, December 17, 2009

Save Me A Seat at the Winter Games

The last several trips along the Sunshine Coast from Powell River to Vancouver, my favourite sign has been missing.

I first saw it in January 2008 just after they released the cost for 2010 Winter Olympic tickets. I thought it was a classic. Yesterday, when we were driving home, I saw it again. I let out a shout for joy. I was afraid it was "silenced" by new rules limiting Olympic signs and protests. In it's new mobile format, maybe it can stay a step ahead of the sign police.

New rules around comments about the Olympics in Vancouver include restrictions against blogging. Maybe even this post will become disappeared at some point. I hope not. I hate to think we live in a country that could let that happen. -- Margy


  1. interesting and definitely lovely. thanks for sharing. i love it.

  2. Anonymous7:00 AM

    What's going on with all these restrictions? Crazy, if you ask me!

  3. What are we coming to when we silence the very people for whom the Olympics are for...the common man. Great post Margy and the pictures are great.

  4. Very funny. How can they put restriction on a blog.

  5. Thanks, Margy, for posting this. I love the sign...I feel all the restrictions are becoming way out of line. I just shake my head when a new tidbit regarding their ridiculous rules comes out. And there's many tidbits.

  6. That is a great sign! You're right, the Olympic committee is way overzealous in their rules-- supposedly they were trying to get businesses on our Olympic peninsula to change their names. Luckily, common sense won out. What, are we supposed to rename the peninsula too? ;-)

  7. I love the Olympics and always watch and will probably continue to watch. But the the excessive amounts of money governments spend, the professional athletes, the Olympic Committee accepting bribes and the use of drugs by the athletes turns the Olympics into a bit of a joke. The sign very clearly signifies the Olympics today, a bunch of horse hooy


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