Monday, December 14, 2009

Cold Weather Flight

Sunday, Wayne and I just missed a weather window to take 997 out for a test flight after her required annual inspection. There were two problems that kept us out of the air. First was less than perfect starting technique. When 997 sits in her cold hanger for several weeks, her battery doesn't always maintain enough cranking amps to rotate the propeller and start the engine. There's a fine line between cranking too long and stopping too soon. Long story short, I stopped too soon. Secondly, snow started falling, reducing visibility with all that white stuff in the air.

Today I had city chores, it's always that way when we come to Bellingham, but Wayne got to give 997 her exercise. He pushed her out of the hanger, but the icy tarmac was a challenge. Fortunately, the gas attendant gave him a hand. Everything checked out fine, so Wayne went over to tell John at Whatcom Territory Aero Services. Next trip it'll be my turn to fly. Hopefully it won't be quite so cold, slippery and stormy. -- Margy


  1. Margy: Very exciting to fly in a small plane but all must be right.

  2. Good post I'm sure you won't fly if there is a good chance of bad icing.Would scare me


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