Saturday, July 25, 2009

Online Friends Join Us Up the Lake

Sometimes I think I spend too much town time on the Internet. Of course, I spend quite a bit on my blog and reading other people's posts. Then there are forums, YouTube, Flickr and just plain Google. It can become addictive, as you probably know. But it has also introduced me to some really great people along the way.

I first discovered a picture of Jordan water skiing while searching about Powell Lake. Then I stumbled onto a video about his family's summer vacation up the lake on YouTube. And most recently, I've been reading Jordan's tweets. This year, we were both at our cabins (which are amazingly close) at the same time. So Jordan and his sister Janis stopped by to say hi and have a cuppa.

Jordan grew up in Powell River and has been coming up the lake for as long as he can remember. It's part of his heritage. Now he lives in Vancouver, but gets away from hectic city life at least once a year. This time is extra special. He's introducing his son to the lake for the first time.

Staying in a cabin up the lake is a whole lot different life than Jordan's web-based media and marketing career. But he's comfortable and happy in both roles. Wayne and I enjoyed hearing about what Powell River's been like over the years from two members of a very large and extended local family. Thanks Jordan and Janis for stopping by to say hi and to welcome us "newcomers" to the neighborhood. Oh, and the Kokanees were great! -- Wayne and Margy

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