Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day 10: Back to the Beginning

Today we drove from Riviere du Loup back to Montreal

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At the Riviere du Loup Camping Municipal de la Pointe campground we stumbled onto the Pleins Feux sur la Pointe that was held at the park. We went to bed with music and a DJ (English tunes, French DJ). Then at about 10:30 the fireworks started. They were SPECTACULAR and we could see them from inside our tent!

We took an alternate route, Highway 20, following the south side of the St. Lawrence River to Montreal. It's nice when you can take a circle route and see different country.

We fly out of Montreal Trudeau International Airport early in the morning, so we are staying at the Courtyard Montreal Airport again. We've come full circle. This has been a great vacation. Even with all the driving, it has been a leisurely trip.

Here are some of my reflections:

  • It's a long but beautiful drive from Montreal to Newfoundland and back.
  • Everyone in Quebec made us feel welcome, even with us speaking English.
  • There are more people living in the Maritime Provinces than I thought.
  • Nova Scotia has lots of small family farms with cows, hay and produce.
  • Newfoundland was my favourite province to visit.
  • Even though the waits were long, the ferry rides to/from Port-aux-Basques were fun.
  • Sit in airline seats at the back of Atlantic Vision's Deck 8. Hurry, they fill quick.
  • The MV Caribou is older but has much better seating. A cabin isn't necessary.
  • The highlight of the trip for me was Gros Morne National Park.
  • Stop in small fishing villages and sample the local foods.
  • Get some hand knit socks or tuques as souvenirs.
  • Take time to hike and see the land up close.
  • Travel in August for fewer mosquitoes and no-see-ums, but still bring bug juice.
  • There are enough free hotspots to keep get connected.
Thanks for following our trip to the Canadian Maritimes and Newfoundland. We are going to come back for more of Newfoundland and Labrador. -- Margy

FREE HOTSPOT WATCH: Free "wired" Internet at the Courtyard Montreal Airport. It's a good thing to carry a cable just in case.

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