Thursday, July 02, 2009

Coastal BC Birds: American Robin

American Robin

One of the earliest birds to arrive in Spring is the robin. It's a sign that summer isn't far away and a welcome sight. Now that it's summer, our visiting robin is all settled in.

She flits around the float and rock wall looking for tasty morsels. She especially enjoys foraging in my float garden for bugs and worms. I hate to lose any of my worms, but she is welcome to the bugs one and all.

The American Robin comes to vacation in Canada after winter is done and the weather starts to warm up. The robin is easily identified by its reddish-orange breast (Robin Redbreast), yellow beak and cheery song. I usually awaken (briefly) at dawn to her melodious song.

The robin's diet includes, of course, worms, other insects and even some snails. I wish she liked slugs, I've got more of those in my garden than I can count. Another favourite is fruit. When I go out to pick my strawberries there are always a few that have been eaten, leaving only a hollowed out shell. That's a small price for all the free bug eradication. -- Margy


  1. a good thursday to you margy.
    i too like the robin. we've many of them in our area...they just love to pick worms in the grass after we mow.
    have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Good pictures of the Robin I always look forward to seeing the first one in the spring then Ican hope it will start warming up.
    My potatos in a tub are growing like crazy I hope they are making tubers and not just leaves.
    ~~Hugs Betty ~~

  3. Cute photos of this cheery bird! I love listening to them sing in my yard!

  4. Nice post Margy. Happy 4th of July!

  5. My chickens love slugs..maybe I can bring one or two up the lake..but then again they will eat everything, not just the slugs.
    It was so nice to see you, next time we will stop and not just float by.


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