Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pea Pods A'Plenty

Space in my floating garden is limited to four 3X10' beds. Last year I grew Snow Peas in one corner, but they took up quite a bit of space. This year I decided to grow them in a half blue barrel with drainage holes in the bottom. I filled the barrel half way with peat, compost and a top layer of potting soil. I built a support structure out of scrap cedar boards and twine. It worked well until the plants got their full growth. Next year I'll know to make it taller.

I planted my Snow Peas directly in the soil in late April, but they had a hard start. I then tried soaking the seeds in water overnight and letting them sprout in a plastic jar before transferring them to the barrel. That seemed to do the trick, and I got enough for my little pea garden. By late June, they were well on their way, and by early July they started producing. When we returned after a week away from the cabin, we had quite a batch of peas to harvest.

We enjoy Snow Peas raw as a snack and in salads, and add them to simple stir fry dishes with our other garden vegetables. Another easy way to prepare them is in a sealed packet of foil on the BBQ grill. You have to be quick if you want them crispy, they cook really fast. So, if you have limited garden space, try planting peas in pots. You will be rewarded with pea pods a'plenty. - Margy


  1. I just pulled my peas but only after freezing two large ziplock bags. Delicious as they were I'm glad they are done with for now.

  2. Wow, what a great set-up!

    We should get you to offer a workshop on container gardening... or gardening in small and unusual spaces. :-)

  3. Good on you Margy, I bet they were delicious...nothing like home grown.

  4. Yes Margaret and Carolyn, the peas were great. I pulled all my plants before I left on vacation and planted new seeds under mulch in hopes that a new crop might make it before the cold arrives this fall. Thought it was at least worth a try.

    That's an interesting offer David. Maybe early next year would be a good time. One of my most popular posts this year was about potatoes in a barrel, so I think lots of people are interesting in growing some of their own food in small spaces. - Margy


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