Friday, June 06, 2008

Repairing Our Log Boom

We got back to the cabin last weekend and found our log boom had broken a cable and was floating at an unusual angle. Our log booms (used for boat wake protection and to mark our water lot) are connected to shore and a deep cement anchor using thick steel cables. As strong as they are, they rust over time and weaken.

As we pulled the boom back into place, the other cable gave way. In times like this, who ya gonna call? Boom Busters - no, our friend John. We tied the whole mess up until he could bring us some new cable and the tools needed to make the repairs. He makes everything look so simple.

Wayne and John headed out in our tin boat. John could only get enough cable to fix the front entrance. For the longer back entrance, we temporarily used rope and a handy tree snag for a connection. When the cable comes in, we'll make a permanent attachment to the rock wall.

One good thing, it didn't happen during a wind storm. We could have lost our precious logs! Another good thing, it helped us better understand how the boom is constructed. Our log boom is L-shaped and is attached to two rock walls with steel cables and eye-bolts set in holes drilled deep into the rock. At the point of the L, a large cement anchor was dropped to the lake floor at a depth of over 100 feet. It's a good thing that didn't break loose!

After about two hours Wayne and John had the entrance cable adjusted to the proper length and the temporary ropes in place. I was really glad. I felt so exposed with my boom missing. It just didn't feel or look right. Now I feel safe and secure in my little floating home on the lake. Thanks John (and Wayne)! -- Margy

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