Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Use, Re-Use and Recycle

In Wayne's book Up the Lake, there's a chapter called "Save that Nail." It tells about how we are careful to wisely use the things we have. Our cabin is ten miles up the lake and can only be accessed by boat. Consequently, we use and re-use everything as much as possible.

Winter storms blow items from cabin decks and send them afloat. Two such items have come our way and found a new use. The first was an old dinghy. It was damaged beyond repair but has found new life for wood storage. Small pieces of floating wood are collected and placed in the boat to dry.

Our second find was a large, rusty propane tank. It was empty and probably used for flotation under a cabin. After a year with no claims, Wayne scrubbed off the rust, gave it a good coat of primer and painted it to decorate the front of our log boom. We intend to periodically change the theme, but the first reincarnation is a whale.

Thanks for stopping by. If you are new to my blog, I invite you to stay awhile and see what float cabin living is all about. -- Margy


  1. Hi Margy, I got your book, Up the Lake....loved it! You guys are living an interesting life! Not sure I could but is sounds interesting.....a good "U"!
    Mine is here.

  2. Hi Neva - I'm glad you enjoyed the book. We love to get feedback about what people think. If you even do want to try out a float cabin for a holiday, John has one he rents by the day, weekend or week. Thanks for stopping by again this week! -- Margy

  3. I love the way your theme for the past few weeks has been about your cabin.....ABC Wednesday is approaching round 3 and I am thinking about having a theme to all of my next rounds pictures......probably the motorbike from a blonde's perspective! LOL!

  4. Nice pick for "U". I looked around some, and nice blog.

  5. Anonymous3:29 AM

    That whale is very funny!
    I'm fascinated by float cabin living. Must give it a try!
    I live in Portugal so it would be a big move.

  6. Anonymous5:21 AM

    Thanks for visiting. I loved your Use and ReUse! Your site is very interesting. It's early, so I haven't quite figured out where Powell Lake is, but I'll give it a go after a cup of coffee!

    Thanks for your visit!

  7. That's true recycling, with no waste at all. I love your whale!

  8. Anonymous7:04 AM

    Hi Margy, I love the whale Wayne did a great job. Auntie Dot just finished reading Up The Strait and she thought it was great. I am looking forward to reading Up The Airway I know it will be just as intersting as all the preceding books.

  9. Wow, you live there? It looks like an amazing place. I would love to live somewhere like that, although I don't think the dog would like not having a yard, but I would :) Thank you for visiting my blog, I'm glad I found yours and I look forward to reading more.

  10. I agree with you about reutilizing, it's so common to throw away things that can be changed into something else! I loved your whale tank! A reat painting, hope "she" lives long until the next decoration. And the boat is a awesome idea for a wrecked one. Great U posts!
    If you have a chance, visit mine.
    Kisses from Nydia.

  11. Thank you to everyone for visiting my post for U. If you want to see how the whale was made check out the June 12 post. I gave a step by step description of its "birth."

    For Mrs. Nesbitt, yes I stay with my cabin theme if I can. I love living here so much and there is so much to tell, this is a great opportunity. I look forward to hearing more about your bike adventures as well. -- Margy

  12. Clever post. Really interesting the step by step birth of the whale.

  13. Anonymous1:26 PM

    I love your blog!

    Aren't you guys eaten alive by mosquitoes?


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