Friday, November 14, 2014

Sunset Barge Ride

This week we went out for an afternoon of quad riding on Goat Island. On the way home, we got some nice sunset views.

We love our cabin's location, but because of the surrounding mountains and trees our sunset views are limited.

It's nice to be out on the lake for such a beautiful view. -- Margy


  1. Very beautiful indeed!

  2. It has been frosty but beautiful this week in the valley as well. Love the sunshine after so much rain in October. I am a total wimp now only 2 years after moving from an extreme winter climate to such a moderate one. Beautiful shot!

  3. What lovely sunset photos - we are surrounded by trees too and that limits our sunset views.

  4. How lovely! There is nothing quite so beautiful as a sunset...except maybe a sunrise! Take care!

  5. Beautiful view captured at a pretty time of the day!

    SamuraiFrog, ABCW

  6. IT's nice to have water NOT frozen! Our frog pond has ice on it! Lovely shots.


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