Sunday, November 16, 2014

NOMA LED Twinkling Spheres

Last Christmas our good friend Jeanne gave us a set of Valerie Parr Hill Glass Spheres. When I wrote about them on my Powell River Books Blog, they weren't available in Canada.

But this week Canadian Tire came out with their Christmas Catalog and I found an ad for NOMA LED Twinkling Spheres. I went to the store to check them out. They look exactly like the Valerie Parr Hill ones.   YEA! Now we have a local option to get these great decorative items.

The NOMA spheres cost $49.99 CAD and come in small, medium, and large. They can be hung or have a flat bottom for table display.

The NOMA spheres come in silver or gold. A timer controls a 6-hour on, 18-hour off cycle. They are indoor/outdoor rated, and use three C-cell batteries that last over two months.

These are great sitting on a patio table (like Jeanne uses them), or hanging in the living room (like we do). We both use ours year-round, and at the cabin, they make a nice warm glow in the evening without using any of our limited solar-powered electric supply.

Here's what ours look like in action.

If you enjoy glowing lights at night, give either the Valerie Parr Hill or NOMA version a try. This post was also shared on my new blog Margy Meanders. Come on over and take a look. -- Margy


  1. Those are so pretty - will have to show hubby. Not sure our patio is big enough - but I love them! Thanks for sharing where we can find them.

  2. Oh I love that idea - and with rechargeable batteries that I have they will be wonderful.

  3. Very pretty indeed.

  4. They are so pretty, will have to keep my eyes open for something similar x

  5. Fran - I looked online and there is a NOMA in England. They say they aren't related to the Canadian products of the same name however. - Margy

    JoAnn - We love anything that is rechargeable for obvious reason.



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