Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Helicopter Tree Trimming and Topping

Last week I shared about how a mechanical harvester has revolutionized forestry. At the same Western Forest Products tour, they demonstrated how helicopters help protect the forest from wind damage.

Trimming and topping isolated trees and trees at the edge of a cut block helps prevent blowdowns during strong winter storms.

Western Forest Products contracts with Oceanview Helicopters in Powell River to mechanically trim and top trees in danger of damage. I fly an airplane and know how dangerous down drafts can be. I can't imaging flying at tree level with a heavy cutter hanging below. An accidental snag could really ruin your day. But these guys are brave and careful. They have to be.

Oceanview Helicopters also provides services for heli-logging, personnel transport, powerline support, construction, aerial mapping and photography, medical evacuation, and even backcountry access for hikers, fishermen, and sightseers. -- Margy


  1. That's some great information that I didn't know before. Great video and image too.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. Wow!Those guys must have amazing coordination skills! Great piece of video.

  3. I never knew this was done. One learns something new every day.


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