Friday, August 22, 2014

Southern Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador comprise one of Canada's provinces.

By referendum, they joined the Canada Confederation in 1949. Two other choices were rejected, to remain under British control or set up an independent government. There was even discussion of a union with the United States.

The Newfoundland Labrador ferry actually docks in Blanc-Sablon, Quebec. To get to Southern Labrador, you drive several kilometres north along the coast.

Traveling long distances each day became tiring, so we camped for two nights at the Pinware River provincial campground. From here we explored the Quebec and Labrador sections. There are about 150 kilometres of paved road from Vieux-Fort, Quebec, to Red Bay, Labrador. Beyond that it's gravel. 

The land is a mix of tuckamore (wind and ocean stunted spruce and pines), moss covered exposed granite, rugged shoreline, and sandy beaches. Ponds large and small are everywhere, making this excellent mosquito and black fly territory. We saw three woodchucks, but they were too quick to capture on film.

Coastal villages ranging from 6 to 600 have a strong link to fishing and their whaling past. Visiting in summer you don't get a feel for how harsh winters must be. But there are hints, huge stacks of firewood. Cutting occurs far inland during winter with snowmobiles dragging logs to the roadside. There it's cut and stacked to dry, ready to transport to homes and businesses. People honour each others woodpiles even though they may be far from home.

Wayne and I relaxed in camp with pina coladas. Actually rum, a strong local version called Screech, has a long history in Newfoundland. A trading partnership with Jamaica resulted in the exchange of salted cod for the fiery drink.

Next, the Vikings come to the new world. -- Margy


  1. Anonymous11:53 AM

    The skies looked clear when you visited Labrador. I'm enjoying seeing this province through your photos.

  2. What an interesting looking place for a break away from it all - in summer anyway :)

  3. Lucky you to experience Newfoundland/Labrador.

  4. Linda - We had showers almost every night, but many of the days turned out nice. We were lucky that each night we could get the tent up when it was dry. - Margy

  5. What fun to go camping in Newfoundland and Labrador. I wanna come too. Going to PEI too?
    Can't wait to hear about the Vikings. MB

  6. I've very happy to camp with you from here!


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