Friday, August 29, 2014

Camp Cooking: Camp Cook Kits

On Monday I shared how I put together inexpensive mobile meal kits for trips that don't involve cooking.

But when we go camping with our quads on the barge, it's more fun to take meals that require some cooking.

In addition to a mobile meal kit, I put together two camp cook kits.

The first contains a percolating coffee pot. The other holds a medium sized fry pan with a folding handle, and two pots I took out of a larger mess kit.

With curtain remnants and some yarn, I sewed two carry bags to keep them organized. Both bags fit inside two stacked buckets that I use for getting water and washing dishes.

Storage space in the cabin of our barge is limited, so making things compact is a must.

For cooking, we use a one burner butane stove.  It comes in a compact plastic carrying case that stows easily. All together, the mobile meal kit, the camp cook kits, and the butane stove make a complete kitchen that only takes up a tiny space.

Do you camp? What kinds of things do you use that make it fun and easy? -- Margy


  1. Anonymous12:57 PM

    We don't camp anymore but used to cook on a Coleman stove and open fire. We've also cooked with a buddy burner and a tin can stove (good old days from Scouting and Guiding). A favourite to cook was an egg in half an orange and also bannock ... so yummy with butter and jam :)

  2. We don't camp in the wild - but sometimes we rent a cabin in the state parks. The cabins don't have kitchens so this might be a great idea for doing our own cooking with very little hassle. We've always taken food that could be eaten cold - sandwiches, cereal, etc. Thanks for the great ideas.

  3. I don't camp anymore. But you are showing some unique ways to be organized for camping. Something I wish I knew years ago.


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