Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Goat Island Quad Ride

Wayne and I have a new way to get around Powell Lake to ride our quads on the logging roads that are available for exploration. It's a 25-foot barge. Our trial run was a day trip to nearby Goat Island.

The barge travels at 7 knots, steady and sure. It took us an hour to get from our float cabin in Hole in the Wall to the Goat Dock. We checked in with Western Forest Products to make sure the roads weren't active. Their hotline number is 604-485-3132, but for information about Powell Lake it's best to talk to someone live.

Wayne drove up to the barge ramp and we offloaded our quads. Because this is an active area, the ramp is in excellent condition.

Then we moved the barge to the logging dock to tie up out of the way.

Clover Lake with Powell Lake in the distance.
We started up Clover Main with glimpses of Clover Lake to the left. I think I know how it got its name. I saw patches of clover growing in the moist soil.

At the junction with the road Frogpond South we turned left and started a gradual climb.

We stopped at a viewpoint for a drink and snack, and to enjoy the surroundings.

The road took us through sections of second growth forest, and cut blocks in various stages of regrowth.

Farther up ahead we could see the back side of the massive granite peak on the north end of Goat Island.

This is home territory for Mountain Goats, but we didn't find any with our naked eyes.

We rode as far as the south end of Frogpond. It sounds small, but is actually the largest lake on Goat Island.

There are even a few float cabins tucked away in this secluded island paradise.

We retraced our tracks back to the barge ramp.  Our first quad ride using the barge for transport was a huge success. We docked the barge back at the cabin and gave our quads a hosing so they would be ready for our next excursion.

Thanks for coming along on our ride. -- Margy


  1. Lovely nature around the lake and on Goat Island. Love that viewpoint!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. What fun Margy. You guys are into everything aren't you. Pretty neat.

    I got the book 'A Curve in Time'. Nice book. MB

  3. It's a spectacular day with some gorgeous scenery. I bet you had a lot of fun on those quads.

  4. Beautiful photos - as always! and magnificent scenery! BUT is this barge new? I have read a number of Wayne's books and don't remember it - or maybe it is in a book I haven't yet read? And has it got a 'nic' name yet like the other boats and kayaks in the books?

  5. You sure shouldn't have time for adventures, with all the work you do! :-Q

  6. MB - That's a great book. We went to several of the spots after reading it several years ago. She sure was a gutsy lady.

    Mick - Yes, the barge is new this summer. Be assured, there will be another book coming out about all our adventures with the quads.

    Jennifer - Got to save time for adventures. That's what retirement is all about.



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