Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Red Letter Films Comes to Hole in the Wall

Last week we hosted a crew from Red Letter Films in Surrey, BC.  They came to our float cabin home to tape a segment for an upcoming television “magazine style” series called Chalet de la Cote Ouest about unique cottages and chalets in British Columbia. 

Red Letter Films is producing this series for a new French language television network called Unis (a division of TV5). The logistics were all coordinated by Dan. It must have been a monumental task to get the host and film crew from location to location in a quick and orderly fashion in order to meet the airing deadline in November.

On Thursday, July 17, the show's host Evelyne, camera technician Catherine (Cat), and assistant camera tech Creighton (Crey) met Wayne and me at the Shinglemill dock with equipment in hand. We transported them up the lake in our barge and boat. Here's Cat filming from the bow as the rest of us ride in a bit more luxury in the boat.

One unique aspect of the filming was that it was in French. Evelyne would first ask a question in French and then translate it into English for us. Wayne's and my responses will be dubbed into French during editing. I wonder how we will sound.

It was fun to share our unique home in this special way. We feel so fortunate to have discovered it by accident in 2001 while we were on a flying vacation to BC. In the early days, it was a vacation getaway. Now it's our full-time home, and we wouldn't want it any other way.

You can find out more about Red Letter Films at:

"Stay tuned" for more information about the segment for our float cabin home this coming November. -- Margy


  1. How exciting! I wonder if we will be able to catch it over here? YouTube perhaps? Xxx

  2. Thanks Felicia.

    Fran - I think they mentioned it being on Vimeo. Not sure if it will be just a teaser or the full program. Looks like we will be in the first segment that airs in November. I'll keep everyone posted.


  3. Isn't this fun! You must be so proud of your work in your paradise!

  4. How exciting for you!

  5. Anonymous12:53 PM

    How exciting to have your float home documented on tv again. Hope it turns out well.

  6. How neat for you guys. MB


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