Friday, July 25, 2014

Daniels Lake, BC

Kurt arrives in his Husky floatplane.
Last week we had a visitor to Hole in the Wall. Kurt arrived from the States in his Aviat Husky floatplane and stayed across from us in our good friend John's Cabin #2.

While Kurt was here, he took John for a ride up to Daniels Lake.

John at Daniels Lake, BC. Photo by Kurt.

Daniels Lake is extremely difficult to reach by means other than floatplane or helicopter. This sub-alpine location placed the guys on crystal blue waters near year-round glaciers.

Reflections on remote Daniels Lake. Photo by John.
From here, the Daniels River plunges down granite cliffs through well worn gorges to merge with Powell River and ultimately feeds Powell Lake.

Daniels River, BC. Photo by John.
With Kurt as the pilot and John as the guide, they explored some really amazing country. -- Margy


  1. Anonymous11:48 AM

    How wonderful to get to explore places that most cannot get to. The scenery is spectacular.

  2. A beautiful spot, great photos.

  3. Wow... wonderful photos! I'd love to experience this someday!

  4. Wonderful place indeed when my husband worked on Hudson Bay, a friend used to take him to a number of remote locations. I think that is why he later learned to fly himself.
    A very beautiful post.

  5. thanks for sharing your fabulous scenery you have there

  6. Glorious lakes and cool float plane. I am an author too, and your newest follower.


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